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tv   Headline News  RT  October 14, 2013 4:00pm-4:31pm EDT

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again about you and. this is why you should watch only on the old. shutdown blues day fourteen of the government shutdown and both sides are still blaming each other so can a deal be reached to open the government and avoid a u.s. default the latest ad mad at the system over the weekend vets and truckers came to d.c. to demand change they want washington to start listening to the american people that story coming up and no known g.m.o. worldwide activists take to the streets against giant monsanto we'll have a report from the protests later in the show. it's monday october fourteenth four pm in washington d.c. i'm maggie lopez and you're watching r.t.
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on right folks well welcome to week three of the government shutdown at this point the lights of capitol hill are being a loon aided by bipartisan bickering alone or at least it feels that way over the weekend senate majority leader harry reid met with mitch mcconnell to attempt to broker a deal we have yet to see what actually came from that meeting though both men are expressing optimism about a possible agreement at least to raise the debt ceiling anyway meanwhile today house and senate leaders were supposed to take a trip down pennsylvania avenue to the white house for talks however that meeting was just postponed because senate leaders say that they need work time to work out a deal and the longer this debate continues the more ordinary americans are feeling the sting if you are waiting for justice in immigration or civilian court cases you'll have to wait a little longer federal courts have been operating on emergency funds since october . first however that money is quickly drying up prosecutors who are already working
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with a skeleton staff are being forced to go home themselves immigrants who are waiting for a green card are being told that they have to wait until the shutdown is over for help but again who knows when this shutdown well in fact. so d.c. might not be a great place to talk or visit at the moment but what better location to protest the government shutdown than the nation's capitol itself thousands ascended on d.c. over the weekend to demonstrate against a shutdown far from what the protest promised when it named itself the million vet march but still enough to grab national headlines military veterans broke through the barricades at the world war two memorial in d.c. and brought those fences to the white house where demonstrators got into a tense standoff with police clad in riot gear parian boring picks up the story from there and a whole new level of political discontent was displayed at this weekend in
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washington d.c. on sunday thousands of veterans from across the united states what a pilgrimage to the world war two memorial on the national mall this is the memorial that was built mostly with private funds to honor veterans that was closed by the obama administration due to the partial government shutdown and feeling like political pawns in this game the american people said a strong message to the president yesterday tear down these barricades protesters have been referring to them as the barry cave nickname for the president they have become a symbol of the partial shutdown now of the truckers that we reported on last week the integral role in this peaceful protest but it's peeved most media reporting checkers ride for the constitution as a grassroots campaign that is very outspoken against president obama and his administration and it's their response to what the partial shutdown that crossed the truckers line when they shut down the world war two memorial and highly coordinated that. ashen chucker spent a fortune on
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a bottle charge from dodgeball virginia and descended upon washington d.c. at about nine thirty sunday morning they surrounded the memorials and support a veteran's veterans then started to dismantle the barricades around the world war two and lincoln memorials reopening them to the general public in a patriotic fashion the veterans carried to the barricades almost one mile to the white house and dumped them right here in front of the president's lawn attached to them were signs that read return to sender and respect our vets please witness and allow the protesters to take apart the government property but there were no attempts to stop them or the march there between two to three thousand veterans family members and upset citizens from across the political spectrum who participated in this event veterans included the korean over to go off iraq and afghanistan wars even members of congress showed up including representative david reichert former bush. just. getting to know.
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her. after dumping barricades in front of the president one protester stood in front of the president's house and called for his resignation the riot police were then called in but overall it was a non confrontational event there were even some accounts of police saluting the veterans the barricades were reassembled last night around the world war two and lincoln memorial but there are still protesters lingering around the mall calling for obama to tear down the fence yet again in a city with most childish display of partisan politics and perry and boring r.t. . so obviously people are upset about a government shutdown and yes it is inconvenient however economists say that it is not as serious of a problem as raising the debt ceiling while a government shutdown has ripple effects across the u.s. with for load workers and close monuments and museums a national default would make waves around the world the head of the international
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monetary fund christine legarde said in an interview over the weekend with n.b.c.'s meet the press that a u.s. default could tip the world into another recession also the president of the world bank jim yong kim warned that you know the one of the united states that it is days away from a very dangerous moment one that will have a major impact on the developing world earlier i spoke with our teams polly boyko who gave us a look at the international implications of the government shutdown and the potential default. well the prime minister david cameron has used the u.s. government shutdown as a warning to britain really saying that all those that don't like or measures all those that think that the country can do without the needs to learn from this example so what he's trying to do is to use the u.s. shutdown to really hammer into the u. the u.k. public the british public that the u.k. needs to bring down its deficit in order to avoid ever being in the same situation
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because all sarah's here in the u.k. is such a contentious issue and so many people protest about against the u.k.'s budget cuts that really the prime minister's just using the situation domestically to his own advantage to hammer home the idea that what he's doing is the right thing and amount among the public hair in the u.k. there was really a sense that the issue would be resolved before it got to this stage you really had to worry about the potential consequences but now of course as the deadline edges nera that tension is rising and there are greater concerns about the potential outcome if the us does default so are there any signs of the shutdown affecting europe right now and particularly the u.k. well there are twenty eight u.s. military cemeteries around europe and they are all closed at the moment now you've got on the stand these of places of on there and a lot of people want to travel to them a lot of people perhaps only have one day on their trips to europe in which they
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can visit a fall in a relative or a friend so that's all basically a great disappointment to i'm sure a lot of people who are in europe at the moment but of course that's just one unexpected consequences a number of european publications are extremely critical about this spectacle of the us shutdown saying that politically the us could already be bankrupt and with some commentators suggesting and criticizing us law it is really jeopardizing the entire global economy now in other news we've heard of a man who was arrested after trying to bring a knife into buckingham palace we have seen some breaches here in the us near government buildings in the past what do security look like around government buildings in london and how does it compare. well there have been a number of security alerts in and around sort of royal palaces buckingham palace
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westminster palace where parliament resides over the years really from sixty five when the gunpowder plot took place dating back to the one nine hundred seventy s. when the our ira was planting bombs in parliament and even nine years ago when protesters threw flower bombs at tony blair so these incidents do happen but i have to say that looking out the window we can see westminster from our offices the security i would probably call it discreet there are always police officers outside we've got to remember that it's not really in your face there a crash barrier is installed outside downing street where the prime minister and the chancellor live there are crash barriers outside the palace of westminster but it's not intimidating a few police officers a lot of the u.k. and people in who live in london especially very aware that we have a lot of c.c.t.v. cameras in the city some of called it the most spied on city in the world so security might not be visible on the street in terms of policeman but it's
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definitely there and you're aware of it of course we know that despite austerity measures and despite the financial financial downturn in the u.k. even though video games the u.k. spent over a billion pounds on security very famously even installing snipers on roofs to protect the u.k. and games so security may not be visible but it's definitely a priority for the british government are to correspondent holly boyko in london thank you so much. well still ahead here on our t.v. marching against monsanto we'll take you to one of the protests over the weekend against the biotech giant back in a moment. did you know the price is the only industry specifically mentioned we're going to. that's because a free and open press is critical to our democracy albus. in
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fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and our press simak know we've been a hydrogen right hand full of transnational corporations that will profit by destroying what our founding fathers once told us i'm sorry that on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world we go beyond identifying the problem trucks rational debate real discussion critical issues facing america find her feel ready to join the movement then welcome to the big picture. dramas that can't be ignored to. stories others who refuse to notice. places change the world right now.
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the old picture spoke to say you know i told you from around the globe in brooklyn don't get me. i'm the president and i think that's the side that i think we're crazy trying to consume. the bankers. it's all about money and i was specially if they are politicians write the laws and legislation that says banks put their heads up. there is just crap in today's. top of that. it's. a. very
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hard to take a. look. at you ever had sex with governor rick perry. with. the bill.
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all right well over the weekend protestors on six continents six continents and fifty two countries held a massive march against monsanto and genetically modified foods the rally came right before world food day on october sixteenth from bow window stross word chicago to london city to sydney to move by over five hundred cities saw crowds chanting oh no g.m.o. and demanding food labeling one company in southern california has even taken their fight for labeling to the labels of its own product after california's prop thirty seven failed during the last election dr bronner's magic all in one soap has filled its labels with as much information as it could cry. about washington state's initiative five two two onto the bottle the company argues that americans have a right to know what is in their food and the products that they use they also say
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that the g.m. industry is a boondoggle just a little bit of light bathroom reading for you but for more on the fight of g.m.o. labeling arty's were among the lindo was at the protests in los angeles over the weekend and brings us more. oh. hundreds of people of all ages turned out in los angeles to march against monsanto and against genetically modified foods among the major concerns here are the safety of the food supply in the u.s. and the underwear floors that giant corporations like monsanto have on washington d.c. i made it about monsanto is that making money is more important than the health and well being of the people i mean his problem is the lack of research and the safety of g.m. and the fact that the f.d.a. only. once a month scientists backs that research in order to improve the product and there's
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no independent research that shows the safety of the g.m. monsanto it's not about feeding people it's about control if you control the food you control the people monsanto corporation claims it is helping farmers feed the world by pushing it superstrength herbicides in combination with genetically altered seeds most of the corn consumed in the u.s. is genetically modified g.m.o. products are banned in several countries if this continues to happen this way what's really going to be the result of very very wealthy people are going to be able to afford to eat super well while people who are not wealthy are going to be eating this terrible food we don't know what the long term applications are you going to see pushing once and you want this country we want a push our organic farming just as hard as a freshman on santo we want you to stop going once into hiding a camera and label that off we did so the us come off monsanto's political power is well known on the west coast yet we're cultured giant bankrolled the opposition to a g.m.o. label even initiative in california these marches what the purpose is to get the
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word out there so that people are not moaning with their money they're not giving the money to the corporation and giving the money to the local farmers farmers and then months on toe eventually be forced out. it just gives me hope that people this is going to change and it's the little people like us when we all gather we make a big change earlier this year monsanto decided not to introduce certain g.m.o. products into europe and here in the united states the so-called monsanto protection act has expired all signs that give demonstrators here some optimism that their activism is paying off in los angeles. r.t. . well today is columbus day a federal holiday here in the u.s. but one was a troubled history you see in fourteen ninety two when christopher columbus sailed the ocean blue with three ships that left from spain his spaniards brought along with them centuries of death disease and oppression of the people who lived in
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america for all before they actually came so year after year the question pops up what is christopher columbus his legacy and how should we mark this day one man says that this day has been unjustly criticize tom about in joins me now to explain why christopher columbus wasn't as bad as history portrays him he's an analyst at the iron ryan center and also the author of the book the enemies of christopher columbus' thank you so much for joining me so let's start off with what is columbus day. well columbus day to me is it's an opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to the core values of western civilization i'm talking about the civilization the columbus brought with him to the new world it was in a state of transition and improvement at that time and i'm talking about values like reason science technology individual rights capitalism the industrial revolution and eventually of course the united states of america columbus made
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a new found a new home for western civilization and able to spread to north america and flourish here the reason to celebrate columbus day is to recommit to that civilization because it's the ideas of western civilization are what allows us to look back four five hundred years ago and say racism robbery. religious forced religious conversion slavery all these things are evil these things were taken for granted in human history but western civilization has developed to the point even though we still have forest it's only those ideas that allow us to look back and say those are evils and we have a better way we can live together as brothers within. vidual writes we can create wealth rather than robbing and taking it from other people so we need to to cherish western civilization and celebrate it without having without white washing or evading what columbus did and the can keep the doors and so forth the bad things
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that they did at the same time tom it sounds like you're describing independence day and when you say that we need to come together and celebrate our values isn't that the point of the fourth of july columbus day used to be a patriotic holiday the pledge of allegiance was written for the four hundredth anniversary of one thousand nine hundred two used to be a patriotic holiday because it was christopher columbus discovered america and he really did he discovered it for europe he was a great mariner an explorer who was able to figure out with great courage how to how to sail to the western hemisphere and how to get back he went back to europe and told everybody how to do that and unleashed this settlement wave that without which the united states of america couldn't exist greatest country in the history of the world so that's why it should be a patriotic holiday but you're right independence day has more specifically for the values of america well and the other it's point to bring up or saying it is
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a patriotic holiday is that the us is not the only one to celebrate columbus day it's actually celebrated all around the world so far and when you say it's a patriotic holiday i mean patriotic for the last especially those are the fact that he didn't actually step foot in north america a war or a patriotic holiday for for all should be a holiday for everybody because the values of western civilization. have been improperly tied up with race and ethnicity they're not white values they're objectively good values for everybody on earth it's better to be rich and safe and healthy than it is to be poor sick and afraid it's better to be in a modern civilization than in a privet to primitive civilization and that's true for. everybody of any gender skin color ethnicity whatever so we're going to be which is why the western civilization has spread from europe to america and all over the world even bano you know says you can dump a lot of dollars on africa in terms of symptom relief but the real cure is
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capitalism if you've got bottom saying that tells you that we're making the wrong one arguing that christopher columbus day is bigger than the man himself is that correct it absolutely is but you don't want to. avoid celebrating his virtues he had a lot of flaws too and he did some horrible things and so did the keys to doors that came after him but the real focus should be on north america where there was no there was no golden and people didn't slave and so forth. north american america was not stolen from the indians. it was nothing here to that they had created to rob it was built by the european settlers who came and built it so what about the idea of a leif ericson day is it unfair to hold hold second christopher columbus as what you're arguing to a higher standard considering the fact that he was one of two people at the national holiday named after them the other one is martin luther king jr. well you know i'm all for holidays for celebrating great people if you want to have
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aristotle birthday newton's birthday john locke's birthday iran's birthday you can multiply celebrations of great people the specifically focusing on federal holidays these two only two people have been named with a federal holiday after them so should we not hold christopher columbus and his actions subsequent to his discovering the america is. to a higher standard well sure i mean he was a great man for what he achieved not everything that he did was good but the reason he's known history is not because he and slaves some indians or was responsible for bringing some people who killed some people it was because he discovered america because this new land gave birth to the united states of america and that's where the focus needs to be thank you so much for coming in and sharing this different light on a christopher columbus day tom bowden author of the enemies of christopher columbus' and analyst at the iran center thank you so much happy columbus day. mark
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zuckerberg might be great at online marketing or making social connections online anyway as the co-founder of facebook but his approach to creating neighborhoods in the real world is raising eyebrows the twenty nine year old billionaire reportedly bought up the four homes adjacent to his paulo also california home after hearing that a developer was going to buy one of the houses and market it as being near home in order to jack up the price zuckerberg zone houses that you see right here cost seven million dollars according to a san jose mercury news he spent thirty million dollars since december buying up his neighbors' houses and plans to rent them back out to the families that currently live there but diplomacy or suffer from spends millions on his own privacy facebook has done the virtual equivalent of tearing down the fence between you and your neighbor's house is the social media sites which the privacy setting last week with some changes that do make the process more transparent but one
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change has privacy folks a bit concerned now when someone types in your name with the search bar you will be found whether or not you like it facebook announced the changes on their website saying quote everyone used to have a setting called who can look up my timeline by name which controlled if someone could be found when other people typed in their name into facebook search bar the setting was very limited in scope and didn't prevent people from finding others in many other ways across the site so they took away that option of choosing no you don't want your names to be searchable no longer exists facebook says not many people used it anyway and it was like an online security blanket because under the old settings people could still find you by clicking on your name in another story on another person's news feed or in other general internet searches so it seems
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that that temporary online secured. like it is now gone. and speaking of privacy in the wake of the n.s.a. surveillance scandal world leaders have stepped up to speak out against the u.s. global surveillance perhaps no one has been more outspoken about the issue than brazil's deal more rousseff during the in you in general assembly in new york last month president rousseff took the time to call the us out on its spying practices as a violation of international law she even postponed a state visit out over the controversy here's part of that you enjoy a speech meddling in such a man there in the lives and affairs of other countries is a breach of international law and as such it is an affront. to the principles that should otherwise govern relations among countries especially among friendly nations a country's sovereignty can never affirm itself to the detriment of another country's sovereignty. the right to security of
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a country's citizens can never be. sure the final leading the fundamental human and civil rights of another country its citizens over the weekend the brazilian president took a few more jabs at the american surveillance program over twitter and also announced plans for president to create a nationwide secure e-mail service to prevent foreign espionage now the goal is to keep all internet servers in brazil and to encrypt all digital traffic inside the country and that traffic that is actually coming in if the brazilian government core operates with the various in christian services it could block the n.s.a. and the u.s. out entirely rousseff also announced via twitter her plans to host an international summit on internet security next year well have to wait and see if the u.s. gets an invitation to that one and that's going to do it for now for more on the
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stories we covered go to youtube dot com slash r.t. america and check out our web site r.t. dot com slash usa and lopez. may disagree. but i believe america is exceptional. yes we. were. sleeping.
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actually nothing very good is happening now in the last twelve years and that's something western media and political leaders don't like to talk about anymore well there's really no actual practicing democracy to speak of in afghanistan what you have is kleptocratic corrupt. state but we should reframe the question so i was only just stays there there will be violence that will be chaos because there's an occupying power. again you know the u.s. wants to keep a footprint there but the longer its footprint is there the more well you have to say the violence will continue because of occupation you know just the fact that the afghan government has not yet been able to convince the afghan people that it provides a better alternative. this
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is. going to be. an exceptional american exceptionalism testimony to american exceptionalism american exceptionalism the united states is indeed exception america is exceptional what makes. america is except. somebody disagrees.


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